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Streaming for the Small Screen at The Townes at Mill Run Apartments

group of people watching tv in an apartment

The black box that controls what we watch on TV is virtually a thing of the past. Nowadays, it’s a much more individualized experience with people being able to stream content to their devices wherever they happen to be. If, by chance, you can’t find what you’re looking for on cable, a streaming service may be the answer. Today we will take a look at several different sources for streaming TV programs and movies to your apartment at The Townes at Mill Run, which is wired for high speed internet and digital cable — just one of the amenities we provide for members of our Owings Mills, MD apartment community.

Streaming Options to Check Out

According to Tom’s Guide, the top three streaming services are Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, with Netflix being lauded as the best overall, Hulu filling the bill for Network TV, and Amazon being great for families. Another notable mention is Vevo for Music Fans and, coming sometime this fall, a newly launched DC Universe streaming option.

Netflix has come up with some original series that have claimed significant followings, including Orange is the New Black, The Crown, Longmire, Stranger Things, and a slew of other offerings coming up soon. If you are looking for a series to binge on, this rundown of The 50 Best TV Shows On Netflix may be helpful.

Not to be outdone, Hulu is an excellent choice to stay current with the latest TV shows without forking out the dough for cable TV. Additionally, if you are a fan of British TV, Hulu Plus is the best place to get BBC content in the United States. A bonus is the selection of classic anime series. The Handmaid’s Tale, Walking Dead, and Seinfeld are among the current Hulu offerings, with new episodes of This Is Us coming this fall.  

Amazon Prime is a cost-effective way not only to shop for physical goods, but virtual ones as well, providing streaming services of movie, classics, and TV. If you are a fan of comedy, this may be your streaming service of choice. With a partnership with Viacom, which includes access to Comedy Central, MTV, and Nickelodeon, Amazon Prime and its selections will tickle your funny bone.

Of course, you can also see a movie the old-fashioned way and head to your favorite Owings Mills, MD movie theater to catch the latest on the big screen. Visit Movie Insider to see what movies are coming out soon!

What is your favorite streaming service or TV series? Let us know by sharing a comment. Thanks for taking time read our post today!