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Sleep Better Tonight


The Townes at Mill Run Blog, Owings Mills, MD Apartments  Today's post is all about how to get the best night of sleep you possibly can at your apartment! Try some of these tips tonight.


Welcome back to The Townes at Mill Run Blog. This is a space where we want to share all of our best secrets about apartment living. Each month you’ll find things like recipes, DIY projects, and local hotspots here in Owings Mills, Maryland. Last month, we shared tips for caring for granite countertops in your apartment. In today’s post, we want to help you get the best night of sleep you can!


Keep these things in mind:

  • The things you abstain from doing at night will first make a big difference. Avoid high-intensity workouts too close to bedtime. A lot of cardio can get your blood pumping and heart racing. This isn’t the best way to prepare to sleep. Instead, try yoga or some light stretching before bed to calm your mind and muscles.

  • Another thing to avoid at night is a lot of caffeine. Sometimes it can keep people awake later than they want to still be up. Instead of black tea or a cup of coffee at night, try something more calming like a chamomile or another herbal tea. Even better, some warm water with lemon and honey can also have calming properties and help settle your stomach if you’ve eaten a big meal.

  • Implement a bedtime routine. Give yourself about an hour or so to do things like washing your face, brushing your teeth, or other ways of getting ready for bed. This way when you climb into bed, you’ll have accomplished everything you need with plenty of time to still go to bed at a decent hour, and you can sleep well.

  • Try to avoid any screens like tablets or phones. The harsh light can stimulate your eyes and mind, making it harder to relax. Set aside your phone about twenty minutes before heading to bed to help you relax. Reading a book can help your mind unwind better than scrolling through Instagram can.


Here’s to a peaceful, restful night’s sleep at The Townes at Mill Run. Thanks for reading today’s post.