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How about Some Pi?

The Townes at Mill Run Blog, Owings Mills, MD Apartments Celebrate Pi Day with a tasty slice of homemade pie! We've got pie-making tips and recipes in today's post.

The number π is the mathematical constant, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, approximately equal to 3.14159, which goes on to infinity and beyond. We take the first three digits, 3.14, and read them as a date: Pi Day, March 14th. In this post, The Townes at Mill Run apartments is featuring tips for making pie plus a variety of savory and dessert pie recipes to help you celebrate Pi Day right here in Owings Mills, MD. Calculate the volume of a sphere, recite as many numbers of Pi as you can remember, and have some delicious pie on Pi Day!


Tips for Making Pie


We found several resources when it comes to tips for making pie, and we’re sharing these Pie Making Tips from the American Pie Council — who knows pie better than they do? We also like these additional tips from Lehi Roller Mills:


“Give it a rest – Giving your dough a chance to relax can help it work better when you roll it out. Let your dough rest for an hour and it will be ready to give you a great pie crust.


“Two Words: Graham Crackers – Try sprinkling a layer of thinly ground graham cracker crumbs on the bottom before filling and baking. The crumbs help to soak up excess liquid that would otherwise leave your crust soggy and gross. You can also use breadcrumbs, corn flakes or other crunchy foods.


“Use Parchment Paper – To roll out your pie dough, place it between two sheets of lightly floured parchment paper. Begin rolling from the center to the edge and then rotate the dough a quarter turn after each roll until the dough is evenly rolled.


“Try Some Recipe Additions – You can add an egg yolk to add more fat to make the dough more pliable and easier to handle. You can also try adding some form of acid to the dough such as lemon juice or vinegar. The acid will help reduce the elasticity of the gluten to make the crust more tender.”


To be extra fancy, make a lattice top following the directions from this tutorial: How to Make a Lattice Top for a Pie Crust.


Now that you’ve got the tips and tricks for making pie, we’ve got some recipes to make for Pi Day (or any other day) this month.


Savory Pies

Shepherd Pie — This made-from-scratch versatile dish is sure to please. Yum! We found a super easy recipe on the Cutestuff Cooks blog.


Tortilla Pie with Chicken — This super easy-to-make and delightful-to-eat pie will be the hit of your Pi Day celebration. Combine corn tortillas, chicken, salsa, chiles, sour cream, and cheese to achieve this tasty concoction!


Pizza Pie — It’s round, right? And you can use pepperoni to create the Pi symbol on the top of it — a perfect way to celebrate the day. Here is a recipe for homemade pizza.


Dessert Pies

Cinnamon Crumble Apple Pie — This recipe offers step-by-step directions for crust, filling, and topping, full of apple/cinnamonny goodness. We recommend serving it with a scoop of French vanilla ice cream.


Peach Pie from Taste of Home — This pie with a lattice top is sure to please everyone at your table. With this easy-to-follow recipe, pie will be on the table in no time.


Coconut Cream Pie with a recipe from the Pillsbury kitchen is a must have for Pi Day. With a toasted coconut topping, this pie speaks creamy and crunchy. Mmm, tasty!


We hope everyone in our apartment community at The Townes at Mill Run has an awesome Pi Day! What is your favorite kind of pie? Share in the comments so we can all try it! Thanks for reading today’s blog post.